Sisters + Stripes + Strings of Lights


One of my favorite things about renting our studio space out to other creatives + photographers is getting the opportunity to see my little business through THEIR eyes.

Maybe it’s because I’m here pretty much everyday, maybe it’s because I forget how beautiful it really is in here, maybe it’s because I’m just too focused on the piano-ing that’s happening that I forget to notice the surroundings.

Regardless, Erin from Serindipity Photography made the studio look absolutely fairy-like with this sweet photo shoot with these sweet sisters in their stripes in front of the strings of lights on our walls.

I love how Erin captured this adorable duo in so many moods, and how she even included a few of my personal favorite touches of the studio in the images — like the Anthropologie door handles, my favorite sparkle pillows, and the candelabra that never actually has a candle in it.

Have fun scrolling through this precious gallery of little sisters in their stripes in front of the studio’s lovely string of lights!

sisters-stripes-strings-of-lights (1).png
Sisters, stripes, and strings of lights
Sisters + Stripes + Strings of Lights
Sisters + Stripes + Strings of Lights
Sisters + Stripes + Strings of Lights
Sisters, Stripes, and Strings of Lights

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All images used with permission and courtesy of Serindipity Photography